Ricardo 80KW Natural Gas Biogas Generator

General Features:

◆ Gas Engine(Weifang Ricardo R6105IZLD-NG)

◆ Radiator 50℃ max, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard

◆ 24V charge alternator

◆ Alternator: single bearing alternator, IP23, insulation class H/H

◆ Absorber

◆ Dry type air filter, gas filter, oil filter

◆ Main line circuit breaker

Additional information

Product Details:

PART I         80kw Biogas Generator Parameters

Item Data
Biogas Generator
Brand Junwei
Generator Model JWRQ80GF
Structural Form All-in-one
Rated Power (kW/kVA) 80/100
Rated Current(A) 144
Rated Voltage(V) 400V, 3 Phase
Rated Frequency(Hz) 50
Factor 0.8
Noise (dB(A)) ≤105(1 meter away from the generator)
Max. Fuel Consumption(m3/h) ≤0.5m³/KW/h
Power Generation Efficiency(%) ≥38
Oil Consumption Rate(g/kw.h) 0.4
Exhaust Temperature(℃) ≤580
Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 2300×800×1500
Net Weight (kg) 1500
Output Power Dynamic Performance Index
No-load Voltage Setting Range 95%-105%
Steady State Voltage Regulation ±1%
Transient Voltage Regulation -15%—+20%
Voltage Recovery Time ≤3s
Voltage Fluctuation ±0.5%
Transient Frequency Regulation ±10%
Frequency Stability Time ≤5s
Biogas Engine
Brand Ricardo
Type Inline, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, water-cooled
Model  R6105IZLD-BIO
Cyliner No.- Bore×Stoke (mm) 6-105×135
Displacement(L) 7.1
Rated Power (kW) 90
Rated Speed (r/min) 1500
Oil Capacity(L) 18
Speed Regulation Method Electronic
Ignition Mode ECU Electronic Control
Intake Mode Turbocharger and Inter-cooler
Starting Mode 24VDC
Brand Junwei
Model JW-80
Type Single Bearing / 100% Copper Brushless / Automatic voltage regulator
Rated Power(kw) 80
Rated Voltage(V) 400, 3 Phase
Rated Current(A) 144
Rated Frequency(Hz) 50
Factor 0.8
Wiring Mode 3 Phase, 4 Wires
Insulation Level H
Protection Level IP22

PART II   Generator Configuration

  1. Original Ricardo biogas engine
  2. Equipped with Junwei Machineryhigh performance brushless Alternator
  3. The mixer is American IMPCO
  4. Ignition system (ECU, spark plug, high voltage wire, ignition switch)
  5. Bosh special electronic throttle for gas engine
  6. The regulator of pressure reducing and regulating valve is Italy MADAS
  7. Closed water cooling cycle.
  8. High performance cooling Radiator.
  9. Two stage filter element air filter
  10. Pure steel flame arrester for natural gas
  11. Famous brand standby floating charging power supply
  12. Domestic famous brand battery, water pipe and other parts.
  13. Smartgenautomation control module.
  14. High performance stainless steel shock absorber
  15. Anti-corrosion treatmentgenerator seat

PART III  Advantages of Ricardo brand biogas generator

  1. European system: in the engine industry, it is one of the four international brands.
  2. Market share: 70% of the market share in the generator industry, especially 80% of the market share in gasgenerators.
  3. Mature technology: after years of market operation and customer feedback, generatorquality is stable, continuous work reliability is good.
  4. 4. Low noise: engine noise is 10 dB lower than similar engines.
  5. 5. Gas consumption: the gas consumption of our gas generatoris 15% lower than that of similar products.

PART IV   JWRQ80GF Biogas Generator Files List


No. Name Quantity Remark
1 Generator Certificate of Conformity 1 pc
2 Generator Files List 1 pc
3 Generator Packing List 1 pc
4 Generator Operation and Maintenance Manual 1 pc
5 Three-phase AC Synchronous Alternator Manual 1 pc
6 Generator Control Panel Manual 1 pc
7 Generator Spare Parts List 1 pc

PART V   JWRQ80GF Generator Spare Parts and Special Tools List

1 Oil Filter 1 pc
2 Spark Plug 6 pc
3 High Voltage Line 2 pcs
4 Spark Plug Wrench 1 pc Special Tool(Lengthening)
5 Oil Filter Wrench 1 pc Special Tool
6 Maintenance Kit Box 1 set

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