Isuzu 3000rpm Diesel Engine for Fire Pump from 20kw to 150kw

General Features:

◆ Engine Brand: Isuzu and Yanmar copy

◆ Engine Power: 20kw to 150kw

◆ Engine Speed: 3000rpm

◆ Engine Optional: Fuel tank, belt pulley/PTO shaft, Automatic controller

◆ Radiator 40℃ max, fans are driven by the belt, with safety guard

◆ 12/24V charge alternator

◆ Dry-type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter

Additional information

Product Details:

Weifang Junwei Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional non-road series engine technology research and development, producing, and manufacturing enterprise. Through the introduction of mature technology, we have successively developed and produced 4JA1, 4JB1, 4BD1, 6BD1, 4BG1, 6BG1 of Isuzu technology and 3tnv88, 4tnv88 and other models of engines of Yanmar technology.

Our engine power from 8000 watts to 300 kilowatts, mainly used for power generation equipment supporting, telecommunications base stations, power supply 3000 rpm, fire pump power supporting marine power field supporting. At present, our diesel engine emissions have reached the fourth national level, which is the highest power ratio engine in China.

4JB1, 4BD1, 6BD1 model engines, circular glasses commercial vehicle power products parts system, high-end processing, exquisite process, low fuel consumption, strong power, high reliability, excellent heat dissipation, compact structure. The cost performance of our engine is superior to that of similar products in China, the fuel consumption of similar products is saved by more than 15%, and the technical indicators such as power per liter and torque per liter are in the leading level in China. Our engines can meet the needs of users in many supporting fields.

Weifang Junwei Machinery Co., Ltd. strictly implements the ISO/TS16949 quality system, with complete detection means and stable product quality. Our key processes are guaranteed to be controlled by automated equipment. We have been cooperating with the international famous engine design Institute ALV company for many years, using the latest internal combustion engine development means, through computer-aided design, simulation calculation, line source analysis, and other technologies for the engine combustion process, crankshaft torsion, supercharger matching key, exhaust system optimization and so on, so that the engine can reach the international leading level in power performance, economic performance, and reliability performance.

Our Isuzu and Yanmar full range of products have successfully supplied power to large enterprises and institutions such as Boshan Pumps, ENG GROUP of South Korea, Jiangmen Vehicle Co., Ltd. At 3000 rpm pump power field (power ranges from 30 kW to 300 kW), our engine power is the largest, the coverage is the first engine enterprise in the field. At the same time, we have become a major power supplier in Southeast Asia, Turkey, the Middle East, South America, and other regions.

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